Why Should You Choose Our Thermoforming Machine?

January 04,2022

full servo tilt-mold Thermoforming Machine


With the continuous spread of pandemic, daily protection has become indispensable for us. Especially, in public, including hospitals, restaurants, railway stations, etc., we must wear a disposable medical mask to protect us from infection. Besides that, disposable plastic cups become popular again. The high demands for cups have made it exceed supply. Therefore, it must have higher requirements for full servo tilt-mold thermoforming machine.


In our daily life, the most common disposable plastic cups and disposable plastic containers are made by full servo tilt-mold thermoforming machine. With the higher demands of disposable products, the machine must have a steady and continuous workout. Therefore, the selection and daily maintenance are essential and crucial.


Since established, our LX PLASTIC has been one of the Chinese leading manufacturers, and has been engaging in the research and production of plastic industry. Our products is including but are not limited to cut-in-mould type, post-trim type. The materials are mainly HIPS, PP, OPS, PET and PVC.


For many years, we have been providing customers with high quality products and reliable service. Please feel relieved that our products are produced under strict quality control and thousands of experiments. For more information, please feel free to contact us.