What do You Know about Automatic Counting Packaging Machine?

May 05,2022

The automatic counting and packaging machine has the advantages of convenient operation and low noise. It can replace the counting discs of different specifications of the same material without changing the parts for adjusting vibration and rotation. The contact parts of the materials are carefully made of stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of GMP, has simple maintenance, and ensures the cleanness of the packaged articles at the same time.


automatic counting packaging machine


Product features


  1. Touch screen control system, support Chinese and English, simple and practical operation.


  1. The vibrating material tray has stable operation, low noise, and no damage to raw materials. The precise counting control device is adopted to ensure the accuracy of counting and eliminate negative errors. Each feeder in the equipment can be opened or closed at will to facilitate production needs.


  1. Each set of the material tray is equipped with the full material shutdown, lack of material alarm, or shutdown device to ensure the accuracy of each bag. The equipment has a self-diagnosis function, which can automatically alarm or shut down (alarm or shutdown user can choose), and is equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons to facilitate operation.


  1. The equipment can realize automatic arrangement, automatic counting, filling, sealing, packaging, and transportation of materials. The number of product packages can be adjusted at will, and the number of bags can be controlled by yourself. The number of packages can be displayed automatically, which can easily count the workload of the machine.


  1. The equipment has a reliable safety protection function (safety protection devices are installed in all dangerous parts).


  1. Highly compatible, it can meet the packaging requirements of more than 90% of parts with different shapes on the market.


  1. By adding a conveying bucket, it can support the automatic packaging of a variety of accessories, and the chain is more stable, fast, safe, and low noise in the process of moving forward.


  1. According to the requirements of customers, equipment such as vibrating plate, feeding machine, bag punching device, coding machine and finished product conveyor can be added.


  1. We can also develop and design all kinds of non-standard machinery according to the requirements of customers.


Scope of application


  • Fastener industry (screw, nut, screw, gasket, etc.)


  • Hardware industry (decoration hardware, construction hardware, all kinds of hardware, etc.)


  • Electrical industry (electrical accessories, electrical installation parts package, electrical accessories package, etc.)


  • Plastic and rubber industry (cloth cabinet, plastic parts, accessories, etc.)


  • Electronic industry (various electronic devices, accessories, accessories)


  • Vehicle industry (automobile, bicycle, electric vehicle, stroller accessories)


  • Bathroom cabinet industry, furniture industry, the solar energy industry, and other related industries
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