What are the Characteristics of Automatic Punching Machine?

April 15,2022

The era of automation is the era of changing fate, improving product quality, and doubling orders. To improve higher turnover and performance, 100% of the growing enterprises have chosen scientific and technological automation equipment to improve a large part of the difficulties and shortcomings, improve the production and processing speed and quality, and get double the processing speed and the speed of completing orders!! It is particularly important to realize enterprise automation.


With the full-automatic positioning punching machine, the enterprise will change from the original manual and technical work to easy and unskilled work. The working hours can be appropriately prolonged and the working environment can be greatly improved, which can effectively reduce the working pressure on workers and alleviate the difficulty of recruitment.


automatic punching machine


Characteristics of automatic punching machine


  1. High accuracy: camera shooting, automatic mapping, computer analysis, and control of motion within the recognition range.


  1. Fast speed: the camera response time is short. Once the graphics are found, the position of the graphic can be controlled to punch.


  1. Powerful function: the sampling map can be saved, and then it can be called directly. The computer system and software can be upgraded in real-time.


  1. Quality assurance: pressure regulating valve, cylinder, solenoid valve, track, and other main parts are imported. Ensure service life.


  1. Simple operation: human-machine interface life, directly set the working mode on the touch screen.


  1. High recognition: the special light source can automatically recognize the positioning hole map of high reflective light, high blackness, and other materials, and can automatically compensate and recognize the incomplete graphics.


An Automatic Punching Machine is developed to adapt to the trend of manufacturing automation equipment to replace manual drilling. It is used to solve the problem of manual drilling in traditional drilling, drilling, reaming, milling, and other processing links. According to the size of processing, the number of processing holes, processing position data, etc., make fixed fixtures. Tighten and fix the fixture and the automatic turntable.