What are the Automatic Punching Machines?

March 21,2022

An automatic punching machine is an automatic equipment driven by the motor to process holes in metal materials. Today, let's talk about the types of automatic punching machines.


automatic punching machine


Automatic punching machine for machining


This is usually used for drilling process machines and equipment, including hardware automatic drilling machines, plastic automatic drilling machines, woodworking automatic drilling machines, and a series of drilling machines.


Drilling machine


That is, the drilling machine for drilling is mechanical equipment used for geological exploration, driving drilling tools to drill underground, and obtaining physical geological data. It is used to drill core cuttings, ore cores, gaseous samples, liquid samples, etc., and understand the geology and mineral resources.


Cloth punching machine


It is also called a drilling machine. As its name suggests, it is a drilling machine for drilling cloth. A needle is driven by a motor to rotate, leaving small hole marks on the cloth as the positioning mark of sewing. Some machines are also equipped with a point heating device for the needle. For loose clothing, after the needle is heated and returned to the needle, for example, clothes, the marks left on the cloth will be clearer.


Hardware automatic punching machine


Also known as a mechanical automatic drilling machine, its precision is very high. It is used by the metal drill to process metal products. It represents industries such as watch straps, jewelry, and so on.


Engineering automatic drilling machine


This kind of drilling machine is the drilling machine for pipe pile construction.


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