The Merits and Drawbacks of Injection Molding

April 06,2022

Injection molding is a molding method of injection and molding. It has several advantages and disadvantages:


Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding


injection molding




  • Since the melt plasticization and flow molding of the molding material are carried out in the barrel and the mold cavity respectively, the mold can always be in a state where the melt is quickly condensed or cross-linked and solidified, which is beneficial to shorten the molding cycle.


  • When molding, the mold must be locked before the melt is injected. In addition, the melt with good fluidity has little wear on the mold cavity, so a set of molds can produce large-scale injection molding products.


  • One operator can often manage two or more injection molding machines, especially when molded parts can be automatically unloaded, and more machines can be managed, so the labor required is relatively low.


  • The entire molding process of mold clamping, feeding, plasticizing, injection, mold opening and demolding in the molding process is completed by the action of injection molding, so that the injection molding process is easy to fully automate and realize program control.


  • Due to the high pressure during molding, plastic parts with complex shapes, clear surface patterns and markings and high dimensional accuracy can be formed.


  • More than one material can be molded by co-injection; it can effectively mold materials with hard skin and foamed core, and can mold thermosetting plastics and fiber-reinforced plastics.


  • High production efficiency, two sets of molds can contain dozens or even hundreds of cavities, so dozens or even hundreds of plastic parts can be molded at one time.


  • The molded plastic parts can be used with only a small amount of trimming, and the waste generated during the molding process can be reused, so there is little waste of raw materials during injection molding.




  • The key tool of injection molding is the mold, but the cycle of mold design, manufacture and mold trial is very long, and the production is slow.


  • Due to the limitation of cooling conditions, it is difficult to form plastic parts with thick walls and large changes.


  • Due to the high cost of injection molding machines and injection molds, the start-up investment is large, so it is not suitable for the production of small batches of plastic parts.


  • The quality of molded products is limited by many factors, so it has high technical requirements and is difficult to master.


In conclusion


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