How to Ensure The Efficiency of The Thermoforming Machine

February 21,2022

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LX3122 post-trim thermoforming machine


How to ensure the efficiency of the thermoforming machine

Prevent overload

First of all, the most important thing is the motor. For long-term use, it is necessary to avoid too much load on it, and do not overload the motor for a long time, which can avoid the effect of accelerated aging and loss of some internal components.


Keep dry

Equipment should be placed in a relatively dry environment to reduce the probability of overall moisture.


Check before use

Before use, it is necessary to check the entire equipment, and at the same time, lubricate some opposite gears and transmission gears to avoid the lack of lubrication between the parts and accelerate wear, thus affecting the use effect.


Quality of lubricating oil

The quality of the lubricant needs to be considered when using lubricants to maintain thermoforming machines. Good products can be used for a long time and play a role in lubricating protection, but poor product quality will affect the performance of the equipment, so the choice of lubricating oil should also be paid attention to.