How To Operate Thermoforming Machine Correctly

March 08,2022

Thermoforming is a special plastic processing method which processes thermoplastic sheet into various products. Although there are a lot of thermal forming methods such as vacuum forming, the operation of common thermoforming machine is pretty much the same. Let’s see how to operate the machine in a safe way.


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Preparation Before Startup


  • Carefully check the processed materials to ensure that there is no foreign matter, dirt.
  • Ensure all parts of the machine are clean and hygienic.
  • Check the pressure of the air compressor, vacuum pump, fan and other equipment and whether they work normally before starting each time.
  • Check the clamping device (fixture), mold lifting device, safety door, plunger and other moving parts of the movement, the movement should be flexible and reliable.
  • Ensure that the pipeline of each lubrication system is unimpeded and the lubrication point is normal. Each lubrication part should be filled with a specified amount of lubricant according to the lubrication rules.
  • Check the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.


Operation Of Starting Up


  • Before starting the heating system, we should carefully check whether the set value of each temperature control instrument is consistent with the process requirements; After starting the heating system, check whether the current indication value of each section heater is normal.
  • Adjust heating time, pressure, speed and other parameters in accordance with the process setting.
  • When feeding the plate (sheet) material, it should be in place. After clip frame is clamped, all round edge should be even, lest leak air, affect quality.
  • Take out the product carefully, wear gloves, lest the product is hot.

Safe Operation Procedure


  • Thermoforming machine requires special operators. The operator must be trained, and be familiar with equipment, operation process and related knowledge. Moreover, when operating the equipment, operators should be concentrated on.
  • The device must be properly grounded to avoid electric shock.
  • Check whether the air compressor, vacuum pump, oil mist, etc. is short of oil before starting the machine. Check it once per shift during continuous operation. It is strictly prohibited to run the equipment without oil.
  • Pay attention to the sound of air compressor at any time in the work is normal, and observe the pressure shall not exceed the rated value. If any abnormality is found, the power should be cut off immediately.
  • Discharge the sewage from the water filter at any time according to the ambient humidity.
  • Before starting, check whether the protective cover is installed well, whether the set temperature of the heater (or pressure regulating) is in the specified range, and whether the time setting of each program meets the requirements.
  • When turning on the power and opening the air valve to connect the compressed air, all people must stand in the safety zone to avoid the accidental action of the equipment.
  • During the start-up and operation of the equipment, the operator must pay attention to safety and shall not touch the dangerous parts of the equipment.
  • If the equipment is abnormal, it should be stopped for maintenance. It is forbidden to run the equipment with illness.
  • In case of failure or accident, press the emergency stop switch in time and continue to work until the fault is removed.
  • Plunger safety pins must be inserted whenever plunger is not in use or equipment is adjusted, repaired or shut down.
  • After work, pay attention to power off the switch and cut off the air source. Cover the countertop with a clean plastic sheet for dust.
  • Do not adjust the limit switch on the equipment.
  • Power off when replacing the mold, table and pressing frame. Be extra careful when testing the machine for the first time after replacing the mold.
  • Open the tank bottom drain valve to drain at least once a week.

In Conclusion


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