Comprehensive Information of Cup Thermo former

January 17,2022

In the market, there are more and more thermoformed products, such as cups, dishes, food trays, toys, helmets, as well as auto parts, architectural decoration parts, chemical equipment, etc. Thermo former is no stranger to us. But it is very important for us to fully understand the thermo former, especially the manufacturers of cups and toys.


Today, in this blog, I'm taking you into the world of the cup thermo former.


Economics of the Thermoforming Process

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  • High productivity from 60 to 360 pieces per hour. The process is only suitable for high productivity and large batches.


  • The process can be fully automated for very high production


  • A single machine can use multi-mode, high production efficiency.


  • Depending on the complexity of the product, tooling costs can be relatively low.


  • Simple machines can be low or moderate in cost, but automated machines can be more expensive.


  • Depending on the product and volume, labor costs may be low or moderate.


The Merits of Cup Thermoformer


The thermoforming process produces an excellent surface finish, but the finish depends on the condition of the mold surface.


There is no parting line. Compared to many other plastic manufacturing processes, this thermoforming process is unique and beneficial. Once the process is complete, usually only minimal work is required.


Thin-film fabrication can use a variety of materials. It is usually used in industrial packaging projects.


The above is the introduction about the thermo former. If you want to know more product information, please visit our official website and contact us.